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Xylinq has been designed from the ground up to be a high performance, scalable, low-maintanance, real time trading platform. Another key feature is the ease with which the application can be changed to accommodate your own requirements.

The framework incorporates data caching at both server and client levels to help speed up access where possible. Performance has been optimized by the taking into account the following design decisions:

  • Functionality Split: Business logic can be split between client and server. Xylinq restricts client functionality to user access, validation of screen inputs and any local manipulation of data (e.g. sorting data seen on the screen). Business logic is kept on the server as much as possible.
  • Functional Scope: Data can be created upfront from overnight processes or derived on-demand. Xylinq reduces the amount the derived data.
  • Copied Objects versus Live Objects: Live objects incur the cost of event processing but their benefit is that the data they show is always valid. Copied objects will become stale. Since Xylinq is a multi-user system the client front-ends make use of live objects where possible.
  • Data between clients and server can be compressed to reduce loading on the network, should bandwidth be limited.

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